The Highly Capable Podcast Galtway Industries

A Podcast for first-hand accounts of the manufacturing and supply chain spaces, from Highly Capable people.


Season 1 / Episode 10: Scott Milliren- Rally Point Energy Services

The Grand Finale of Season 1: Scott Milliren! CEO, Entrepreneur, West Point graduate, Pilot, Executive Chairman, and Captain in the US Army. Scott is the definition of a Highly Capable person, and exactly the person we enjoy hearing from on the Highly Capable Podcast. We can think of nobody better to end our first season, except maybe Jeff Bezos (invitation pending). Tune in to hear…

Season 1 / Episode 9: Cam Barrett & Jeff Boettiger- Field Safe Solutions

Two more out-of-towners visited the Highly Capable studio to share their journeys and wisdom. One is from Calgary, and the other from a faraway land called Dallas. Cam Barrett is the CEO and Jeff Boettiger is the VP of US Sales for Field Safe Solutions, a cloud-based SaaS company based in Alberta. We learn how these two got here, lessions they have learned in the…

Season 1 / Episode 8: Mush Khan- Alchemy Industrial

We were fortunate to have Mush Khan come by to talk with us about his professional journey and his current passions. Formerly the President of O'Rourke Petroleum and the CEO of Ringers Gloves, Mush has robust experience with international business and global supply chains, and he recently started a 3D printing company called Alchemy Industrial. Co-hosted by Frank Cantrell and Robert Husband from Galtway Industries.[podcast…

Season 1 / Episode 7: Joel Neidig & Kurt Hanby- SIMBA Chain & ITAMCO

Two guests, two companies, and a myriad of topics covered! From golf to gears, and chips to bits. Joel Neidig is the founder and CEO of SIMBA Chain, and Kurt Hanby does Business Development for ITAMCO. With their powers combined, we talked about the origins of both companies, how they use Blockchain technology, what it is, and how we can get from just talking about Blockchain…

Season 1 / Episode 6: Michael Perschke- Heshka Oil

Michael Pershke, the Founder and President of Heshka Oil, sat down with us in the Flecha Azul Studio to share his journey, and how he is able to be one of the few companies growing in a down market. We talk entrepreneurship, starting small, growing right, and making your supply chain and manufacturing efforts work for you. Also Corvettes. Co-hosted by Frank Cantrell and Robert…

Season 1 / Episode 5: Elgin Tracy- Entrepreneur

We are starting the New Year right, with a new Highly Capable episode! Elgin Tracy came by to the studio to discuss his path thus far in life, and what a resume it is! Elgin started off as a Rodeo Cowboy, to racing cars, to working in the oilfield, to starting multiple companies including most recently a medical PPE manufacturing business. People like Elgin exemplify…