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Galtway Industries is a leading channel partner of world class manufacturers and specializes in developing and implementing supply chain solutions for Top Tier OEMs. With a specialty in steel forgings, castings, and machining, our experience rises to the challenge of today’s manufacturing environment. The manufacturing partners with Galtway Industries are industry leading, vertically integrated manufacturers, which are implementing strategies for the challenges of today’s market. Whether you are looking for in house turn key solutions from your manufacturers, or strategic stocking options to guarantee short lead times, we are ready to implement those and other practices for sustained efficiencies.

Open Die Forgings

Lucchini Mame Forge is an Italian company and a global leader in
the open die forging industry with a rich history in supporting a
variety of markets, including Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Rail,
Mining, Wind Power, and more. LucchiniMame Forge offers the
value of full integration of melting, forging, semi-automated heat
treat, turn key machining, and testing all in house. The team at
Lucchini Mame is constantly committed to quality, safety, and
custom market strategies, which maintain a sustained
competitive advantage over other suppliers.

Closed Die Forgings

Founded in 1891, Riganti is an Italian manufacturing company specialized in closed die forgings. The company’s flexible and vertically integrated production cycle serves several industrial applications by providing a wide range of different shapes, steel grades (carbon steel to nickel alloys) and sizes from 33 lbs up to approximately 3,300 lbs. Riganti’s vertical integration builds tooling in house and supplies parts forged, heat treated, tested, semi or fully machined, and even painted if the customer requires. Riganti is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 1801 standards and has a fully integrated QEHS certified system per EN 9100.

Rolled Rings

With over 50 years experience in manufacturing quality Rolled Ring Forgings, Galtway Industries is proud to represent Oklahoma Forge, one of the largest rolled ring manufacturers in the United States. OFI has the ability to roll rings in excess of 100” O.D. and as small as 10” O.D. Their industry experience in Subsea and Land O&G, Mining, Pipeline, and Heat Exchanger Markets has given them best in class practices which directly benefit their customers. OFI stocks all common grades of materials and with the use of their state of the art equipment they offers 1-2 week deliveries and even 2-3 day deliveries when expedited services are needed.


POK, founded in 1894, is a foundry built on innovation and quality. POK, with their fully renovated melt shop’s capacity of 600 metric tons, boasts castings up to 12,000 lbs. In addition to that, POK operates under cutting edge lean manufacturing principles throughout their design, pattern making, molding, melting, pouring, heat treating, quality and machining processes. POK also offers chemical and mechanical testing, NDT and dimensional inspections, with in house CMM capabilities. POK also offers full in-house value add machining with their CNC shop, offering 28 machine tools for rough or finish machining requirements.



Galtway Industries knows that machining is more than just another process to getting a finished part. The same precision required in finish machining is required in the qualifying and sourcing the correct vendor for your requirements. Whether large scale milling or turning, or small lathe work, we are experienced and prepared to discuss your specific machining needs.



Rolled Rings

OFI – Rolled Rings. Oklahoma City, OK.

Open Die Forgings

Lucchini Mame – Milan, Italy

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Closed Die Forging

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